Answers / Dinosaurs With Guns / I Was Sober [EP]

by Teki Latex

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released April 20, 2010

Ya’ll know me still the same ol’ G
But I been low key
Hated on by most these nerds
With no cheese, no deals and no Gs, no wheels and no keys
No boats, no bobmobiles and no skis
Mad at me cause
I can finally afford to provide my family wit groceries
Got a room with a laptop and it’s all full of tracks
To add to the wall full of Sound Pellegrino artworks by Ill-Studio
Hangin up in the office in back of my house like trophies
But ya’ll think Imma let my dough freeze?
Ho Please
You better bow down on both knees
Who you think taught you to cook spaghettis?
Who you think brought you the Alors les filles parties?
Harvard B’s Surkin’s and Momma’s bees?
and Para O.N.E’s?
And the group that said “J’aime les chattes quand je rentre dans la boite”?
Gave you a tape full of dope beats
To bump when stroll through in your hood
And when your album sales wasn’t doin too good
Who’s the internet strategist they told you to go see?
Ya’ll better listen up closely
All you bloggers that said that I turned pop
On the Party de Plaisir flop
ya’ll are the reason that Teki ain’t been getting no sleep
So fuck ya’ll
All of ya’ll
If ya’ll don’t like me blow me
Ya’ll are gonna keep fuckin’ around wit me
And turn me back to the old me

[chorus x2]
Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothing comes out when they move they lips
Just a bunch of gibberish
And muthafuckas act like they forgot about Tek

If it was up to me
You muthafuckas would stop comin up to me
With your hands out lookin up to me
Like you want somethin for free
When my last MP3 was out you weren’t bumpin’ me
But now that I got this little company
Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease
But you won’t get a crumb from me
Cause I’m from the streets of 15eme
I told em all
All them little DJs
Who you think helped mold ‘em all
Now you wanna run around and talk about artistic concepts
Like I ain’t got none
What you think I sold ‘em all?
Cause I stay well off
Now all I get is hate tweets all day saying Tek fell off
What cause I been in the lab with Orgasmic and a Mac
Tryna get this damn label off
I ain’t havin that
This is the millenium of Sound Pellegrino
It ain’t gonna be nothin after that
So give me one more platinum mp3 plaque and fuck sparse conceptual futuristic spoken house
You can have it back
So where’s all the mad sparse conceptual futuristic spoken house makers at?
It’s like a jungle in this habitat
But all you savage cats
Knew that I was strapped wit gats
When you were cuddled into cabbage patch

[Chorus x3]
Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothing comes out when they move they lips
Just a bunch of gibberish
And muthafuckas act like they forgot about Tek

All vocals are written and performed by Teki Latex
Answers was produced by Renaissance Man in the year 2080 via the frozen donkey wheel
it is also remixed by feline germanophile Mikix The Cat
Dinosaurs With Guns (aka that song you heard every single DJ at miami WMC 2010 play endlessly) is produced by Noob
I Was Sober is produced by Orgasmic (and we love Riva Starr)
Executive producer and global tyrannic supervisor: Teki Latex
Studio engineering and additional vocal effects by J-Mat
Artwork by Atelier Malinowsky
Thank you for listening.



all rights reserved


Sound Pellegrino Paris, France

Label founded by Teki Latex & Orgasmic in 2009. and run by Emile Shahidi in Paris.

50 EPs, 5 compilations, Matthias Zimmermann album out 10 June 2016.

We mostly release instrumental music that isn't all that easy to mix and don't do a lot of vinyl. Is it still OK to like us?
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