Fructose [EP]

by Joakim & Bambounou

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This new EP in Sound Pellegrino’s Crossover Series is quite an interesting and unpredictable match. We decided to bring together two schools of producers, two generations of music makers with different approaches but a few surprisingly similar traits including happily twisted personalities as well as a common taste for pushing boundaries and stylistically taking their music to places no one would expect: Tigersushi’s Joakim and Youngunz’s Bambounou.
We were always highly respectful of Joakim Bouaziz’s true-school analog disco aura and while bumping into him a few times in Parisian clubs and on the road, we grew fonder and fonder of his relaxed and playfully intellectual approach to music, his melodic and rythmic talent, his passion, and his overall generosity. One day as we were striding along the roads of Kiev, Ukraine, he complimented us on the release of our “Straight From The Spring” compilation, and showed interest in one track in particular: Bambounou’s “Abodan”.

It absolutely blew our mind that the Versatile and Tigersushi -affiliated Joakim, notorious for his collection of analog gear and his fondness for warped pop, rare disco gems as well as elegant electronic experimentations, would get into young gun Bambounou’s candid, all-digital 100% two thousand and ten-ish grimey tribal club music… But at the same time it made perfect sense. The idea of one remixing the other grew quietly inside our and Joakim’s minds for a little while before the Crossover Series became a reality and the choice of putting these two producers together for the second installment appeared obvious.

Once Bouaziz had finished wrapping up his impeccable new album “Nothing Gold”, and after making sure Bambounou got familiar with Joakim’s work (which he instantly did, developing an immediate fascination for the guy, Funny-Bambounou™ style) , they locked themselves in Joakim’s studio and the proverbial magic litterally happened. Renowned laptop producer (and we use that term with utmost respek) Bambounou had never set foot in a studio equipped with real drum machines and actual synths. For him it was an absolute revolution. But during these sessions Bambounou also brought along some of his digital touch and savoir-faire in minimal riddims, excentric yet simple drum patterns inspired by tribal house and British garage / grime descendants: one thing that had always more or less openly fascinated Joakim. The result went way beyond our expectations: the “FRUCTOSE” EP showcases three tracks of pure energetic, thoughtful and fun club music where the style of both producers is easily recognizable as it blends in and out of these majestically original compositions.

“FFWD” is a peak time tracky tech-soul number where Bambounou and Joakim’s trademark sounds seem to be woven into each other perfectly. An efficient but unexpected, and not-so-obviously orchestrated acceleration in the middle of the track gives it guaranteed instant dancefloor appeal.

In “Wizard Battle” you can clearly distinguish which parts are the Joakim parts and which are Bambounou’s, as well as the parts where they had just decided to go bonkers together. You can also clearly hear them casting musical spells at each other in this ancestral battle where synth-funk faces grimey techno resulting in pure futuristic club bliss

“W00t” sees the two producers venturing into the unusual area of 100 bpm build-up electronic dancehall reminiscent of Modeselektor’s early digital cut-up bogle days. The track starts mysteriously, then morphs into proper badman vibes complete with strange vocal onomatopea, then goes through a slightly chipmunk r&b phase, before ending in an orgy of sped up syncopated drums. Pure one of a kind, totally alien yet absolutely familiar bouncy dopeness.


released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Sound Pellegrino Paris, France

Label founded by Teki Latex & Orgasmic in 2009. and run by Emile Shahidi in Paris.

50 EPs, 5 compilations, Matthias Zimmermann album out 10 June 2016.

We mostly release instrumental music that isn't all that easy to mix and don't do a lot of vinyl. Is it still OK to like us?
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