SND​.​PE Vol. 01 [compilation]

by Sound Pellegrino

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SND.PE vol. 01 (pronounced “Sound Pé volume one”) is Sound Pellegrino’s first full-length effort. The label was founded in 2009 by Teki Latex and Orgasmic as a digital platform to share the pair’s club crushes in no time. These two founding members of seminal alt-rap group TTC have known each other for about 20 years and have released countless collaborations. Going through various musical phases, they have always kept a will to explore forward-thinking dance music that will make the crowd go crazy without sounding stale and outdated.

Over 13 tracks, the label gathers its core artists (Teki Latex, Orgasmic, Matthias Zimmermann, Nicolas Malinowsky), sharpest collaborators (Maelstrom, Surkin, Todd Edwards, TWR72), it’s oldest friends (Modeselektor, Jean Nipon, Koyote), the most impressive talents in Europe (Eero Johannes, Ben Butler & Mousepad, The Phantom), France’s young blood (123Mrk, K-Lagane) and renews with the spirit of the “Crossover Series” project, pairing talent for a one-off EP on the label.

After four years scouting the World and the virtual streets for new sounds to share with their fellow DJs—resulting in the 35 EPs already available on Sound Pellegrino—Teki Latex & Orgasmic have crafted this very special package for a larger audience willing to make the jump into their network. A dancing and futuristic voyage of sorts, informed by all mutant sub-genre as well as mainstream expressions, starting with an irresistible, pulsating opening theme: “Still Moving” by Ben Butler & Mousepad, hailing from Glasgow and freshly signed on the label.

Teki Latex guides your though the track list of SND.PE vol. 01:

Ben Butler & Mousepad — “Still Moving” (Glasgow, Scotland)
Ben Butler & Mousepad, aka Joe Howe, is hailing from Glasgow. His track is the perfect intro for the compilation, a slow build-up tip-toeing around house, rap and opening credits of a news flash. Dare we say Walter Crunk-ite?

Matthias Zimmermann & SCNTST — “Rick” (Wiesbaden, Germany)
In the spirit of our “Crossover Series” we have teamed our protégé Matthias Zimmermann (whose album is coming after summer on Sound Pellegrino) with SCNTST from Boysnoize Records for a clockwork house affair using some French touch mechanics. Featuring your high school’s end bell.

Orgasmic — “Diamond Falls” (Versailles, France)
Truly Orgasmic’s first solo track after countless productions for rappers and collaborations with Teki as Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team. First disguised as a stripped down electro-bass beat, it flourishes quickly into a very organic piece illuminated by an epic uplifting new jack synth solo. Summer’s back!

The Phantom — “Cruising” (Warsaw, Poland)
His excellent tracks on Silverback have been played countless times on the Sound Pellegrino Podcast. For us he delivers the very singular “Cruising” where a throbbing house beat is invaded by piano arpeggios birthed by the saddest thunderstorm ever and a slowed-down ghettotech vocal. Of course it works.

Jean Nipon & Koyote — “R.M.S. (to Steve)” (Paris, France)
We’ve known these two for a while: Jean Nipon was one of the first Institubes artists back in 2004 and now part of the ClekClekBoom family, and Koyote is one of the most active ambassadors of booty house music in France. “R.M.S.” is their own take on the rough, granular sound developed by Thomas Bangalter on Roulé.

123Mrk — “Can’t Believe” (Marseille, France)
Hailing from Marseille, this very young artist on the Squelch & Clap label takes a break from his usual meticulous production style to craft a sensual garage track, melodious and immediately magnetic, made for human contact.

Nicolas Malinowsky — “Skateboarder” (Paris, France)
Nicolas is one of the members of the Ill-Studio graphic collective which is responsible of Sound Pellegrino’s entire visual identity. Starting from a skate video he directed, then sliced and sampled, he made “Skateboarder”, an audio and video ‘musique concrete’ dance piece which this is the soundtrack of. The video is coming soon…

K-Lagane — “Bump” (Paris, France)
We met the young K-Lagane at a DJ competition we were the judges of. He won us over with an excellent selection and smooth technique. We stayed in touch and he played us his demos, distinguished by a very straightforward elegance. Here’s the irrestistible “Bump”.

TWR72 — “Heat” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Aka the Black & Decker of house music, some of the most reliable tool makers of the decade, the pair had already released an EP on Sound Pellegrino back in 2011. “Heat” has a reciepe as simple as this: a jacking beat, 3 stylish synth notes and a haunting vocal. Another perfect one for your tool box.

Surkin & Todd Edwards — “I Want You Back” (Canblaster rework) (Paris, France / Jersey, USA)
Club Cheval’s Canblaster reworks Sound Pellegrino’s first love song, released last summer—by the young Surkin and his hero Todd Edwards who since this sung “Fragments Of Time” on the last Daft Punk album—with the addition of his signature ingredient: an inimitable sense of harmony and unveiling an entire first verse that didn’t make the original cut.

Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team — “Negativity” (Berlin, Germany / Paris, France)
For our most faithful fans and our own selfish pleasure, a new collaboration with Modeselektor. A tradition started with TTC featuring on the Berlin duo’s first two albums. On this one, Teki goes against all the corny community management disguised as positivity on social networks. He transforms the house preacher into a megalomaniac stand up comic, bitter and pessimistic. The track is also coming on Monkeytown and 50 Weapons with a remix by Bambounou, an artist we had the pleasure of introducing them to.

Djedjotronic & Maelstrom — “Buran” (Berlin, Germany / Nantes, France)
Two frenchmen—respectively affiliated to Bromance & Zone and Boysnoize records—champions of techno and bass hybrids join their darkest energies for a very rewarding piece. Don’t get fooled by the relatively tracky beginning: the second half holds a deconstructed, grimey, violent drop. Try not to blink. Five seconds of fog of war followed by a million laser-accurate kill shots dealt from the turret of a nuclear submarine parked right in front of you. Solid Snake, this one’s for you.

Eero Johannes — “Real Virtuality” (Helsinki, Finland)
A Finnish champion of the skweee scene (a post-Timbaland Scandinavian low-fi funk) who already released an album on Planet Mu. “Real Virtuality” is a digital RnB jewel with immediate pop appeal. Each time we play it, people rush to the booth and ask us about it. There’s a something very special there.

Jerome LOL – “Tell U” (Los Angeles, USA)
Our friend Jerome LOL from Body High (and formerly of the duo LOL Boys) evokes the feel of the first Sound Pellegrino releases with their minimal sampling and light-hearted and functional cult hymns while providing a possible theme for season 6 of the Wire if such thing was possible. A slow one. A great one.

Matthias Zimmermann — “Jeffrey” (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Jeffrey sees Matthias chopping up soulful samples in his traditional stutter-style, squeezing the steel drum juice out of these citrus grooves.

Crystal & Teki Latex — “Get It?!” (Tokyo, Japan / Paris, France)
Part Latin freestyle, part soundtrack for Pop’n Music (one of those popular ‘Bemani’ Japanese musical video games that inspired Guitar Hero). The lyrics tell a naive tale of love and friendship between what seems to be man and machine, or more probably 2 robots with different language processors. If a rollerskating rink version of Dance Dance Revolution existed, “Get It?!” would be the theme song.

Matthias Zimmermann — “Kotori” (Wiesbaden, Germany)
A very tidy production under the disguise of chaos. Nano scratches, claps and snaps crackle like kindling wood in a fire while a synth gets in a trance to summon the Owl king. Oh yes Matthias, it’s always about nature.


released June 17, 2013



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Sound Pellegrino Paris, France

Label founded by Teki Latex & Orgasmic in 2009. and run by Emile Shahidi in Paris.

50 EPs, 5 compilations, Matthias Zimmermann album out 10 June 2016.

We mostly release instrumental music that isn't all that easy to mix and don't do a lot of vinyl. Is it still OK to like us?
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