1. Burnt Glass [EP]

  2. Momentum Series, pt.II [EP]
    Matthias Zimmermann

  3. Elusive [EP]

  4. Let Me Tell You What I've Got [EP]

  5. SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club Material [compilation]

  6. Momentum Series, Pt. I [EP]
    Matthias Zimmermann

  7. Session 1 [EP]
    Track ID

  8. EXEP [EP]
    Joe Howe

  9. XPNL002 [EP]
    Deke Soto

  10. SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series [compilation]

  11. Real Virtuality [EP]
    Eero Johannes

  12. Get It [EP]

  13. SND.PE Vol. 01 [compilation]

  14. Activate / I Be [EP]
    Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (Teki Latex & Orgasmic)

  15. Botanica Dub [EP]
    Matthias Zimmermann

  16. I Want You Back [EP]
    Surkin & Todd Edwards

  17. Bastian [EP]
    Matthias Zimmermann

  18. Meme Is The New Riddim [EP]

  19. Strange Touch (My House) / Ice Palace [EP]
    Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (Teki Latex & Orgasmic)

  20. Home [EP]
    Aero Manyelo

  21. USSR [EP]

  22. Fructose [EP]
    Joakim & Bambounou

  23. Isla Dub [EP]
    Matthias Zimmermann

  24. Night Voyage Tool Kit [EP]
    Bok Bok & Tom Trago

  25. Spell [EP]

  26. Paradox [EP]

  27. Bassface Remixes [EP]
    Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (Teki Latex & Orgasmic)

  28. Wet / Dry [EP]
    Style Of Eye

  29. Bassface / Pretty Pretty Good [EP]
    Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (Teki Latex & Orgasmic)

  30. Udon / Work [EP]
    High Powered Boys

  31. Caravan / Watching You [EP]
    Savage Skulls

  32. Kegstand / X Lova / Horreo [EP]

  33. Dinosaurs With Guns Remixes [EP]
    Teki Latex

  34. Answers / Dinosaurs With Guns / I Was Sober [EP]
    Teki Latex

  35. Minimood [EP]
    Solo (aka Stefano Ritteri)

  36. Compass / Zahonda [EP]
    L-Vis 1990

  37. Sha! Shtil! / The Boogieman / Casablanco [EP]
    G. Vump

  38. Wedouwedou / Give It Up [EP]
    Momma's Boy

  39. What Is Guru / Aloha [EP]
    Renaissance Man

  40. Caked / 81 [EP]
    Harvard Bass

  41. For Weirdos Only / Freak Mode [EP]

  42. Eurovision/Esperanto [EP]
    Zombie Disco Squad


Sound Pellegrino Paris, France

Label founded by Teki Latex & Orgasmic in 2009. and run by Emile Shahidi in Paris.

50 EPs, 5 compilations, Matthias Zimmermann album out 10 June 2016.

We mostly release instrumental music that isn't all that easy to mix and don't do a lot of vinyl. Is it still OK to like us?
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